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    i took you for granted, VHS. i took you for granted..


    i think we have a youngster over here…

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    cinematic masterpiece

    most of this scene was improv too

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    Need a Sherlock & Soldiers on my TL today.

    the military kink is blinding me

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    i really hate it when i’m trying to be cute on snapchat and take a selfie like so


    but then the app lags for like 20 years and i end up capturing my true form 


    no thank you

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    look at this thing i got at the airport when leaving germany

    it’s a giant tic tac box filled with tiny tic tac boxes

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    You can never be too safe.

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    I’m sure this seemed like a better idea on paper

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    following back heaps

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    A Glasgow nightclub has installed a two-way mirror which allows male revellers in private booths to spy on unsuspecting women as they visit the toilet! With no notification or signage anywhere in the venue many female club goers have been left feeling embarrassed and used. Although they do briefly show the mirrors in a promo video, the club has been quickly deleting comments and posts on their social media from club goers trying to alert others to the situation. This is pretty much illegal and hugley violates privacy. Thank you The Shimmy Club for giving us a shiny, new, creative and cool take on objectification.
    article here

    i’m never leaving my house again, this world is just too fucked up.

    Good morning disgusting.

    Remember ladies:

    • “No space, leave the place” (fingernail test)
    • A two way mirror must be set INTO the wall, not placed on top of it.
    • If you rap/knock against the mirror, one installed onto a wall (a normal mirror) will make a dull sound, because there’s something behind it. A two-way will have more reverberation.
    • Use the flashlight on your phone to shine on the mirror, if it’s a two-way, you’ll be able to see into the other room.
    • You can also shield your eyes and see in if you lean up against the glass.
    • The room being viewed will have to be brightly lit (10x brighter than the room looking in), so if you’re in a typical dimly lit club bathroom, you’re ok.

    They have this in Continental Midtown in Philly, it’s fucking creepy and not cool at all

    the most obvious solution i can think of is to break that motherfucker. what are they going to do? sue you for breaking something they shouldnt have had?

    Hey, fellas. You ever feel like you have to check if you’re standing in front of a two-way mirror? Women do.

    Please take note that the fingernail test is fake as different regular mirrors sometimes have different properties, but the rest of the checklist is all true

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  14. "I love people who are open-minded. People who just vibe with whatever you talk about. You can talk about anything and everything."

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    "she shouldn’t have worn that skirt to the frat party."

    "yeah, well, archduke franz ferdinand shouldn’t have been wandering around sarajevo in an open-top car, so i guess he was asking to be murdered, too."

    I love how it always comes back to Archduke Franz Ferdinand…

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